"FoLD - Fear of Life and Death" ‐ GODsDOGs Solo exhibition

Oct 27th.- Nov 5th 2017

Fata Morgana gallery, Torstr. 170, Berlin
Vernissage Friday, October 27th, 19 - 22 h (Champagne Toast + Introduction by the curator Leo Kuelbs at 20 h)
Finissage: Sunday, November 5th, 16 - 19 h
More Information:
                Leo Kuelbs Collection
                FataMorgana/ CoGalleries
Opening Times:
               Saturday Oct 28th 15 - 18 h
               Sunday Oct 29th 15 - 18 h
               Tuesday Oct 31st 15 - 18 h
               Wednesday Nov 1st 12 - 16 h
               Thursday Nov 2nd 12 - 16 h
               Friday Nov 3rd 15 - 20 h
and by appointment (contact helbig@godsdogs.de)

"Driftende Bauten"- kunst galerie fürth

9.2. bis 25.3.2018curated by Hans-Peter Miksch kunst galerie fürth
"Driftende Bauten" zeigt künstlerische Architekturutopien und -dystopien.

"bitch MATERial" - Kunstquartier Bethanien Studio1

22.3. - 8.4.2018 curated by Britta Helbig + Saralisa Volm, POISON
Rosemarie Trockel, Almagul Menlybayeva, Mathilde ter Heijne, Antje Majewski, René Schoemakers, Römer+Römer, Courtney Kessel, Cornelia Renz, Miriam Lenk, Iris Schieferstein, GODsDOGs, Julija Goyd, Bettina Moras, Kirsten Becken, Peter Wilde.... et al
Workshops: Annique Delphin, Various&Gould, Jo Clifford

More Photos and current work/ projects:

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