Britta & Ron Helbig studied contemporary dance and movement theater in London, Lichtenstein, the Conservatory, Linz and at the dance academy in Berlin before they were compelled to the visual arts. Stey studied painting and fine arts at the Berea College, Kentucky; the Philipps Universität Marburg and at the UdK Berlin (Class of Baselitz as part of artists group Artists Anonymous). Also they cummulated an excessive experience of various practises in building and construction work which they incorporate in their installations.
As part of the 5-membered artists group "Artists Anonymous" they worked for four years in the fields of Installation, Painting, Photography, Video and Performance. Since 2010 they combine Photography, Performance, Painting and Installation as the artists duo GODsDOGs.

Exhibitions, projects, collections in detail:


  • 50/ 50 The Matter of Duality, Paul-Fleischmann-Haus, Berlin Jan 2020
  • Photospiel, with Sigmar Polke, Arnulf Rainer, Dieter Roth, Karl Oskar Gallery, Berlin, Nov 2019
  • Chimera, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Okt, Berlin 2019
  • bOObs goes Hamburg, Raum LinksRechts, Hamburg, Sept 2019
  • Looking for dick, Schau Fenster, Berlin, Apr 2019
  • bOObs – Wir zeigen Brust, Karl Oskar Gallery, Berlin Feb 2019
  • Spaltenraum und Strahlenriss (solo), Karl Oskar gallery, Berlin, Sept 2018
  • Passengers of Kaleidoskopic Journey, Reemtsma Kunsthaus harter Tobak, Sept-Okt 2018
  • ROHKUNSTBAU - mind the gap, curated by Mark Guisbourne, Schloss Lieberose, Jun-Sept 2018
  • "MYSTIC" , with Hermann Nitsch, Joseph Beuys, et al, Karl Oskar Gallery, Berlin Jun 2018
  • bitch MATERial, curated by Saralisa Volm + B. Helbig, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin, Mrz-Apr 2018
  • Driftende Bauten, curated by H.-P. Miksch, kunst galerie fürth, Fürth, Feb-Mrz 2018
  • "FoLD - fear of Life and Death" (soloshow), Fata Morgana Galerie, Berlin, Oct 2017
  • UNDER CONSTRUCTION, curated by Römer+Römer, Schau Fenster, Berlin, Jan 2017
  • Inglan is a Bitch, curated by Matthias Mayer, Spor Klüblü , Berlin, Nov 2016
  • Fuck Art Let´s Dance" , curated by Natascha Stellmach, Performance Bar Babette, Berlin, Sept 2016
  • A NEW LANGUAGE - ROOT 1066 INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL curated by Christopher Winter, Hastings, Great Britain, Sept 2016
  • Blacklight Peek Performance, thatchers, Berlin, April 2016
  • KIK SEVEN TIME LIES - curated by GODsDOGs, Kino International Kunst, Berlin Nov 2015
  • "Riss in der Zeit", Solo exhibition, artspace "Villa" Joachimsthal, Sept-Oct 2015
  • Collection Kunstmuseum Ahrenshoop, MailArt, curated by Dietmar Peikert
  • Residency "SchalterRaum" Aufbauen/ Abbauen Schöneweide, May-June 2015
  • "Nexus Wunderwagen", moving installation, Stadtspaziergang ifa-Galerie Berlin,
    curated by Elfi Müller und Barbara Bartsch, May 2015
  • Party Arty, Prince Charles, curated by Jan Kage, Berlin, March 15
  • "Insekten", curated by Marianne Kapfer, Artspace whatulookintoart, Nov-Dez 14
  • BenefizAuktion for Telefonseelsorge, Mianki Galerie, Berlin Okt 14
  • "Urban Constructions", Sonderschau (special show) at art fair "Berliner Liste" curated by R. Rabensaat, Sept 14
  • "Enter Sandman" (solo), janinebeangallery Sept.-Okt. 2014
  • KIK ONE, curated by Christopher Winter and Peter Wilde, Kino International, Berlin Feb 14
  • "Art Grain IV", curated by Jason Benedict, B-Zwinger, Berlin, Nov 13
  • "Metamorphosen", curated by Jason Bendict and Sina Ness, Galerie im Saalbau, Sept/Oct13
  • Erogenous Zone, curated by Mathilde ter Heijne and Juliane Solms/ff, Galerie im Köernerpark,Berlin, March 13
  • "Art Grain III", curated by Jason Benedict, showroom ofenfrisch, Berlin, Nov 12
  • "peer to peer to peer", tête art space, Berlin Apr 12
  • Collective Video Bohai, Luminale 2012, Frankfurt, Mar-Apr 12
  • "Aus der Kälte - out of the cold", ACUD serendipity gallery, Berlin, Febr 12
  • "Erloschen zur Decke empor" at Art Grain II", curated Art Walk Körnerkiez, Berlin, Nov 11
  • "Nexus - Wonderers between" - Performance Festival m6, Galerie Nord, Berlin, Sept 11
  • "About Abstraction", lightbox and performance at group exhibition, curated by Florian Müller-Klug (Artagent) at KTV Berlin, Sept 11
  • "Monte Verita", Performance and Installation at group exhibition, curated by Römer & Römer and Deniz Alt, Kunstverein Familie Montez, Frankfurt a.M., June 11
  • Month of Performance Art "Scavenger grain" B-Zwinger Berlin, May 11
  • "A movable feast", group exhibition curated by Emilie Trice & Carson Chan (stay hungry projekt am Gleisdreieck, Berlin), Apr 11
  • "Black Hole Society II", Performance, B-Zwinger, March 11
  • "sacre du printemps", Atelierparty Ausstellung, Installationen, B-Zwinger, März 11
  • "SGUARDI SONORI 2011" Festival of media and time based art,
    Palazzo Orsini Bomarzo Dal, Italien, Feb-Mrz 2011
  • "Black Hole Society I", DAS weekend und transmediale.11, B-Zwinger, Jan-Feb 11
  • "Einfach weg, als wär nichst gewesen", B-Zwinger, Berlin Nov 10
  • "Wir glauben an dich", Old Brewery, LA54 Berlin, curated by Fridey Mickel, Okt 10
  • Sguardi Sonori "Infinite Spaces", Museo della Civility Romana, Rom Sept 10
  • "search for the black rabbit" mit Julischka Stengele im Kunstraum Jonas29, Sept 10
  • "check bounds" stattbad Wedding, Juni 10
  • "art goes public" in Cooperation with Galerie Kuhn & Partner, März 10
  • „postmorbital petit“ Preview Berlin, Sept 09
  • „postmorbital“, 06. Berliner Kunstsalon, Sept 09
  • „Ante Portas – Pone Portas“, Kunstraum Jonas29, Juli 09
  • „Zwiebelbiss“, Tape Modern No.10, Juni 09
  • „das Unheimliche“, Modulorhaus, Berlin, April 09
  • Benefizauktion im stilwerk, Berlin, April 09
  • tease art fair, Köln, April 09
  • „Fascirious“, Kleine KunstKüche Berlin, Febr 09

2004-07/08 as members of the artists group „Artists Anonymous“


  • "Virus", Haunch of Venison, Zurich, Switzerland, 2008
  • Solo project, Frieze Art Fair, VIP Lounge, Deutsche Bank Collection, London, 2007
  • "The Gunslinger and other True Stories", AA-Galleries, Berlin, 2007
  • "Kill your Gallerist", Vyner Street / V22 London, London, 2007
  • "Alice straight to video", AA Galleries Vyner Street, London, 2007
  • "Drugs", AA Galleries Vyner Street, London, 2007
  • Solo show, Palais Artforum Berlin, Berlin, 2007
  • 4. Berliner Kunstsalon, Berlin, Germany 2006
  • Soros Center for Contemporary Art, Almaty/Kasachstan, 2007
  • "Cube II" Solo project, Scope Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland 2007
  • Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin, Benefiz Auktion 2007
  • Project space, at Tease Art Fair, Cologne, 2007
  • DC Düsseldorf Contemporary, Förderkoje, Düsseldorf, 2007
  • „WAR“, Gallery Goff+Rosenthal, New York, USA, 2006
  • Zoo Art Fair Projects, London, UK 2006
  • Inaugural show, Goff & Rosenthal, Berlin 2006
  • “AB”, Sander Collection, Berlin, Germany, 2006
  • 3. Berliner Kunstsalon, Berlin, Germany 2006
  • Pulse Art Fair, New York, 2006
  • Media Art Friesland Festival, Netherlands 2006
  • European Media Art Festival, Kunsthalle Osnabrück, 2006
  • "The Cube", Artforum Berlin, Germany 2005,
  • "Leipzig must fall", 2. Berliner Kunstsalon, Berlin, Germany 2005
  • “+/-“ Gallery Christian Ehrentraut, Berlin 2005
  • Preview Berlin, 2005
  • Everybody wants to be naked and famous, Weiße Villa Joachimsthal, Germany 2005
  • "Feedback" Gallery Gerken, Berlin, Germany 2004
  • European Social Forum, London, UK, 2004
  • Rundgang Meisterschülerausstellung UdK, Berlin, 2004
  • Gallery Schwarzer Gegenwartskunst, Berlin 2004

Sammlungen u.a. - collections:

  • Saatchi Collection, London;
  • Deutsche Bank Collection, London;
  • Rubell Family Collection, Miami;
  • Doron Sabag Collection, Israel,
  • Richard Massey Foundation, New York,
  • Zabludovitz Collection,
  • Arthur Zeckendorf Collection, New York;
  • Ramon and Olga Lugo Collection, Puerto Rico

Britta Helbig as a contemporary dancer /art performer

performances, among others:

1997-2005 Britta & Ron frelance work in dance and movement theater
perormances, workshops as well as choreography

  • solo performances and as Duo „Lunatic Art“, as well as dance companies „X-IDA“ and „Xaris“ in: Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Island, and Canada