Exhibition Views and Installations

Pilotprojekt - urban intervention "Nexus Wunderwagen" - Come in and walk with us in another world
Britta Helbig and Ron, performance in moving installation

INSTALLATION - Nexus - Wonderers between

PERFORMANCE - Nexus - Wonderers between


This Pilot Project was first developed for the internhational Performance festival "m6", curated by Richard Rabensaat, Berlin.

People on the street were "swallowed" by the moving box. And as the Performers dragged and pushed this rolling "Wunderwagen" (wagen full of wonders) the people inside became like them Wonderers and Wanderers beetween the Worlds. "It´s like walking in someones dream" said one of the participants...

GODsDOGs plan to enhance this rolling Nexus Point with much more wild, epic and dense art inside - keep looking out for it Spring 2014